Meet the Artist

PanacheD² Art pronounced (pe’naSH) Squared. The “D” Squared in PanacheD2 represents the two artist sisters DeVita and Deneatta King who collaborate to bring the razzle and dazzle to your “panached” pieces. The sisters are both Mississippi natives currently residing in North Carolina. Their journey began when they attended an Acrylic Pouring class in November 2019 and fell in love with the Acrylic Pouring artform. Since then, it has opened the door to their exploration of many new art forms and techniques. “This process is not for everyone but not knowing what you will get in the end is truly the fun part.” The artists are excited to share their creativity and passion with the world though these unique, handmade, pieces of art, jewelry and home décor.


DeVita King-Patoskky

I have always been creative but never labeled myself as an “artist” however, meshing my creative style with acrylic pouring has allowed me to truly explore creating one-of-a-kind pieces that I am proud to call ART. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and enjoy trying new things which is reflected in my artwork. My favorite color is purple, and I LOVE butterflies so you will see those elements throughout my work. I also draw inspiration from elements of nature and my love of the beach and ocean. I am very adventurous and enjoy a good challenge so let me add some “panache” to a custom piece for you today!

Deneatta King

I’ve always been a little extra, so I bring the pizzaz to PanacheD2 Art with those added touches and bling of course because everyone loves a little sparkle! Being able to express myself through art, learning new techniques and being able to work with my sister makes my heart smile and brings me joy. A flower child at heart, I love all things colorful and sparkly. I never really liked coloring inside the lines so being able to pour out paint and create something so unique that I know cannot be duplicated just feels special. I can give my sister the same color paints to work with and we will create something completely different that’s the part I love the most. You know those times when you go in a store and just run your hands across different things to feel the textures well, I like to do that with our art. I want you to look at the ocean piece and feel the movement of the waves in the paint.