Custom Artwork Request

We would love to customize a piece for you or as a gift for a special friend/occasion. Custom requests can include:

-Artwork (canvas, wood panel, etc.)


-home decor

-wearable bling

-or special projects

To get started: click on the Custom Artwork Consultation link to book an appointment.

Note: There is a $50 consultation fee. Additionally, a deposit will be required for all custom artwork or wearable bling requests.

Preparing for your consult

Here are a few questions to think about: 

1. What item(s) would you like customized: Canvas or Wood Panel(s), clock, trays, gaming pieces (dominoes, chess, tic tac toe) lazy Susan, side table, etc. 

2. Size (these are just a few of the common size requests)




3. Number of pieces 

4. Style (we currently practice the Acrylic pour style of art so you can google that art form to get ideas of options available and share that with us or feel free to browse )

5. color choices 

 Below are some examples of commission pieces we have completed we are not limited to these styles though. 


Contact us today to get started on your something special!